Wonders of Mathematics: For a Young Mathematician in You


Who invented Maths? Is this a question that has come to your mind? The short answer of course is – Mother Nature. All that we know about the universe, we have learned by observing nature around us. In this short book of wonders, we explore mathematics in nature. Read and be inspired.

Have you ever wondered, ‘Who invented Mathematics?’ It is indeed an intriguing question. On this National Mathematics Day 2020, we bring to you a humble attempt at exploring an answer to this question.

Nature is a universal teacher! And Mathematics is the fundamental language she uses to unravel thousands of mysteries.

Mathematics is the universal language of the world and is incredibly powerful. From basic counting to quantum mechanics, Mathematics can really describe how the universe works around us. Understanding Mathematics helps us see the beauty of everything around us in its deepest layers. For example, it can help us get deeper into the atom (the quantum realm) and understand the behaviour of the particles about whose existence we only know because of their interactions and none of us have physically seen them.

Is there a way to make Maths fun by finding beauty in the world around us? Let us explore it together in this curiosity filled book. Let us start the journey together on a fun-filled voyage which will make you love Mathematics.


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