NumberNagar® Phonics Kit


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A one-stop solution to learn Phonics. Includes physical kit and online companion course for systematic learning. Never worry about pronunciation, spelling, reading, and writing again.


Why NumberNagar® Phonics Kit?

  • Phonics is a systematic method of teaching and learning to read a language by correlating sounds to letters and symbols
  • Learning phonics helps children to decode letters into their respective sounds
  • This is an essential skill for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves
  • The NumberNagar® Phonics Kit provides a comprehensive set of resources for teachers and parents to teach children to read and write English using the synthetic phonics method.
  • The kit is an effective resource to teach phonics for beginners and phonics for kids

The kit includes:

  • Phonics flashcards: Phonograms – Levels 1 to 6 –
    • Learn letter sounds A to Z and more; and associate them with correct letters and letter combinations
  • Word strips: Levels 1 to 6 –
    • Learn words from word lists systematically based on word families
  • Reading and colouring books: Levels 1 to 6 –
    • Learn to identify words in sentences
    • Explore your creativity by colouring
  • Letter tiles: A to Z – Practise word spellings after learning new words
  • Spelling rules chart: Learn rules for spelling correctly
  • Instruction guide: Introduction and step by step guide to use the Phonics kit
  • Online companion course: Instruction guide and audio files for all phonogram sounds

60 reviews for NumberNagar® Phonics Kit

  1. Avatar

    Love the product. It is simple. My child loves to read the beautifully illustrated books. It is very easy to teach the child.

  2. (verified owner)

    It’s easy and very effective to work with kids. The design is systematic and well organised

  3. I love the way the kit is organised. It helped my niece learn English with ease. Great work guys

  4. Avatar

    One of a kind, very indulging for both the parent and child, organized and structured way of learning English language in a native manner . For kids it’s truly a fun filled learning concept

  5. (verified owner)

    This is a very effective and apt way to introduce the ‘ reading’ to a kid. It is the only kit with which my daughter loves to spend time with. The kit is giving her the joy of independent reading.

  6. (verified owner)

    My daughter loves to spend time with this kit. It is the apt way to introduce the ‘reading’ to a kid. This kit has given her the joy of independent reading.

  7. (verified owner)

    The number Nagar phonics kit is a great way for kids to start reading. This designed very scientifically to aid fast learning and longer retention. These cards provide a hands on method to make recalling fun for the kids. The stories provided in the books using the words from the cards help children apply what they have learnt. On the whole it is an awesome kit. I just wished this was there when I was a kid.

  8. (verified owner)

    I have been teaching Phonics to kids using the NumberNagar Phonics kit from past one year. I have found this kit to be a valuable resource to teachers who are looking to help their struggling readers. The kit offers a wide range of benefits for both the learner and the facilitator as it is simple, well organized and fun filled.
    I find my students read and write with more confidence than before. They are able to:
    1. Identify the letter sounds and apply them in the words.
    2. Blend the sounds in the words (given in the cards).
    3. Read the sentences fluently and independently given in the reading books in this kit.
    4. Spell the words applying the rules given in the cards.
    5. Frame their own sentences.
    6. Most importantly they enjoy reading the books.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone who is working on helping their kids to read and write.

  9. The number Nagar phonics kit is a good start for kids to introduce the reading. As a teacher I recommended number Nagar phonics kit to my students. Even I gifted to my niece. She loves to spend time with the kit and she enjoys reading independently…..thanks to number Nagar even I learned the phonics too

  10. (verified owner)

    My son is in love with this kit from the time we got it. It makes my child to listen to the sounds from companion course and practise reading the cards with minimum help. As a parent even I got to learn so much about phonics through this kit. The best part is that he has become independent to use the kit. It has created an interest and love towards reading.
    Thank you for designing such a great learning tool and for providing your support through meetings every month where all our doubts are cleared.

  11. (verified owner)

    The kit is very interesting for the kids to learn phonics. My children enjoy and love to learn from the strips.. It is nicely designed in such a way that kids really enjoy learning from the kit…
    Thank you for the nice kit…

  12. (verified owner)

    Once my daughter turned 3 years, I started scouting for CVC words to aid her in learning to identify alphabets and read 2 & 3 letter words. Given the short attention span children of this age have, she couldn’t effectively hold onto any CVC words I got her. This had got me thinking if I was doing it the right way. It is then, I came across NumberNagar ad in media which prompted me to contact Soumya immediately. I took my child to NumberNagar office to observe her when presented with the Phonics kit. She enjoyed various stages of mix & match of words. I immediately became an early adopter of this teaching technique and picked up a kit to start my child’s learning journey. It’s been over 18 months now and my daughter finds it very comfortable to read short stories on her own and also tries to understand the meaning. I recommend to all parents to try Phonics kit by NumberNagar, which is very intuitive, creative and well modeled.

  13. Avatar

    Getting a 3.5 year old child to learn reading words has been more challenging than I could ever make sense of, as none of the CVC words we got her, really excited her to give them a second glance. We finally stumbled upon Phonics kit by NumberNagar and visited their office to have a look and feel of their kit. It was love at first sight for both my daughter and her mother. The kid enjoyed playing with the strips, making her own arrangements and enjoying her own formation. We picked up one kit immediately at the time she was 3 years. 24 months then on, it is amazing at how quickly she has adopted to this learning methodology and is voluntarily completing level by level feeling encouraged to go further. I thank NumberNagar for this innovative learning aid and hope my fellow parents as well start being part of this journey.

  14. Avatar

    This kit is very simple and easy to use. I have just gifted my grand daughter and am happy to see her learn. I recommend every parent to go for this kit.

  15. Avatar

    My kid got this kit from his school last year. I see a lot of improvement in his reading. Thankyou seshaas school for introducing phonics.


  16. Avatar

    Very happy

  17. Avatar

    Just ordered the kit for my Niece, will ask my sister to review the product later. I saw the demo videos and I am convinced that the structure will help my sister teach my little niece to learn at her own pace. Thankyou Numbernagar for helping me with a remarkable Christmas gift to my little Niece. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours

  18. Avatar
    (verified owner)

    Very happy with the kit.
    My daughter is really enjoying the learning sessions and I can see lot of improvement after using the same.
    It is very simple and easy to teach also.
    My elder daughter is taking care of my younger one activities.
    Thanks to the team for designing such a wonderful material and making it very user friendly.

  19. Avatar

    A wonderful kit for learning english

  20. Avatar

    Just bought the kit, looks pretty organised. will review the details soon. All the best numbernagar team

  21. Avatar

    Best kit ever

  22. Avatar

    The Phonics kit is colourful and nicely designed. It is attractive for children to play and learn.

  23. Avatar

    The Phonics kit is a good learning aid. My granddaughters like to read and do fun activities with the books and cards in the kit.

  24. Avatar

    Looks very attractive, it is so well organised that I fell in love with it while I was using the companion course.

  25. Avatar

    The Phonics kit is very useful not only for kids, but also for adults. I learned so many new pronunciations while learning with my nephew. It is a great kit.

  26. Avatar

    A great kit for beginners, I am learning so many new things while teaching my kid. She is getting used to the sounds. The spelling rules just blew my mind. I recommend this kit for every kid. Thankyou team Numbernagar

  27. Avatar

    Thankyou for this great kit

  28. Avatar

    Its very nice

  29. Avatar

    Hope my kids will enjoy the kit. I appreciate the monthly training you guys are giving to help parents train the kids. Thankyou numbernagar team for your continuous support.

  30. Avatar

    Have so much to share. timely delivery, the message in your card is a great Idea. The monthly training is so helpful and has made my life easy. The course is organised and very well structured. I have compared it with other courses online and feel that numbernagar phonics kit is simple to use. My kids did the level one is just 6 days and is now into level 2. great kit, thankyou.

  31. Avatar

    Very good product

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    Yet to start the level 1. I am loving the course. Kit is organised in a very simple way. Good job.

  34. Avatar

    Just brilliant

  35. Avatar

    Thankyou numbernagar team

  36. Avatar

    Great kit for learning phonics

  37. Avatar

    Just wow, a fabulous kit for kids

  38. Avatar

    I wish they were here in Mumbai, I appreciate the effort of keeping the examples local for kids to connect and learn easily. The word families are the one I love the most.


  39. Avatar

    The delivery time was exceptional and your messaging card really helped me convey my wishes to my friend.
    Thankyou, my friends daughter is enjoying the kit. Will ask her to review too

  40. Avatar

    If I had 10 stars I would have given all of them to this fabulous Kit.

  41. Avatar

    Yet to use it, looks cool and very nicely organised. The companion course is what I am working on now.

  42. Avatar


  43. Avatar

    happy to have bought the phonics kit. sorry for this late review. The course work is excellent, material is fantastic. packaging can be a bit robust. The best part is that my kid is loving the kit
    all the best

  44. Avatar

    good kit

  45. Avatar

    good kit to learn Phonics. All the best

  46. Avatar

    all the best

  47. Avatar

    I did not know that there are 31spelling rules to know while learning english. I am enjoying this kit with my son. This is a great way to work together during this pandemic. Wish you guys have more kits like this.


  48. Avatar

    Thankyou for this wonderful kit

  49. Avatar

    Best kit ever

  50. Avatar

    Brilliant work guys, I am excited to see how my kids are going to explore this.

  51. Avatar

    Numbernagar phonics kit is just what I was looking for. The kit is excellently designed, well articulated structure and a very simple process to learn and teach phonics. As an English teacher I can say that this kit will help all the parents to engage with their kids without any difficulty.
    I love the way the companion course is designed and well supported by the team. The monthly meetings to clarify the doubts is icing on the cake.
    Excellent work, keep it up.

  52. Avatar

    Very rare that such wonderful products come to market. I am enjoying the time with my kid and learning truly is a meaningful experience.

  53. Avatar

    very nice kit

  54. Avatar

    Best product to gift this generation.

  55. Avatar

    Keep it up

  56. Avatar

    Phonics kit is the best kit

  57. Avatar

    Good kit

  58. Avatar

    You should be developing kits for all languages. Phonics is very nice and easy for english. thankyou

  59. Avatar

    Good pictures and lot of words, thanks. The kit is nice.

  60. Avatar
    (verified owner)

    Numbernagar phonics kit has made my task of teaching phonics to kids easier
    I was searching for some phonics material when I came across this kit which I found to be well organised and easy for the kids to learn

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