NumberNagar® Phonics Kit


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A one-stop solution to learn Phonics. Includes physical kit and online companion course for systematic learning. Never worry about pronunciation, spelling, reading, and writing again.


Why NumberNagar® Phonics Kit?

  • Phonics is a systematic method of teaching and learning to read a language by correlating sounds to letters and symbols
  • This method helps children to decode letters into their respective sounds
  • This is an essential skill for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves
  • The NumberNagar® Phonics Kit provides a comprehensive set of resources for teachers and parents to teach children to read and write English using the synthetic phonics method.

The kit includes:

  • Phonogram cards: Levels 1 to 6 –
    • Learn sounds and associate them with correct letter and letter combinations
  • Word strips: Levels 1 to 6 –
    • Learn words from word lists systematically based on word families
  • Reading and colouring books: Levels 1 to 6 –
    • Learn to identify words in sentences
    • Explore your creativity by colouring
  • Letter tiles: A to Z – Practise word spellings after learning new words
  • Spelling rules chart: Learn rules for spelling correctly
  • Instruction guide: Introduction and step by step guide to use the Phonics kit
  • Online companion course: Instruction guide and audio files for all phonogram sounds


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