Kannada Learning Kit

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Your search for an effective Kannada Learning Kit ends here. The NumberNagar® Kannada Learning Kit is designed for all first-time Kannada learners. With easy-to-use flash cards, reusable practice cards, and audio files for pronunciation, learn the Kannada alphabet and basic vocabulary words thoroughly and accurately. Also learn to write Kannada letters with the write & erase practice cards.

Have you moved to Karnataka recently and are interested to learn Kannada? Is it mandatory for your child to learn Kannada at school, and Kannada is not your native language? Then, this is the perfect kit for you.


The NumberNagar® Kannada Learning Kit brings to you well-researched and engaging resource materials to learn the Kannada language.

It is best suited for children and adults of any age, who are learning the Kannada language for the first time.

This learning kit covers all the letters in the Kannada alphabet – ವರ್ಣಮಾಲೆ (varNuhmaale) and ಕಾಗುಣಿತ (kaaguNithuh).

Using flash cards, write & erase practice cards, and accompanying online audio resources, you learn the script and sounds of Kannada accurately. You also learn a basic set of vocabulary words matched to all letters of the alphabet. You will be able to write the letters of the Kannada alphabet accurately.

The kit contains:

  • Flashcards: letters of the alphabet – vowels and consonants with example words for each
  • Reusable Practice cards: Write & Erase cards for repeated writing practice
    • Letters – vowels and consonants
    • ಕಾಗುಣಿತ (kaaguNithuh) of all consonants
  • Online companion resources: Audio content to learn the pronunciation

The primary purpose of this kit is to learn all the letters and sounds of the Kannada alphabet, a basic set of vocabulary words, and practise writing all the letters.

The printed materials are colourful and attractively designed to engage first-time learners. The reusable write & erase practice cards can be used repeatedly by one or many learners.


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