English Grammar Kit – Compound Words Flashcards

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Learning English Grammar just became simple and fun. The latest release in the NumberNagar® English Grammar Kit series, the Compound Words flashcards help you build your vocabulary of Compound Words. This set has 100 words to play with and build 85+ Compound Words. Perfect for learning together as a family. Play games and learn new words.


About English Grammar Kit – Compound Words Flashcards

The NumberNagar® English Grammar Kit series brings to you bite-sized kits to learn all aspects of grammar. The series of kits covers all parts of speech, sentence structure, and sentence building.

This kit is based on Compound Words. A Compound Word is a new word formed by joining two smaller words together.

The kit contains 100 different flashcards with words and pictures. Using these 100 words you can build a variety of Compound Words.

The primary purpose of using this kit is to learn the concept of compound words. Additionally, you will build your vocabulary of simple nouns and compound words. The focus in this kit is to build compound words that are nouns.

The cards are colourful and attractively designed to engage children in multiple activities. It is best suited for children 6 to 10 years of age, in primary school.

However, learning has no age bar. Any learning enthusiast can use this kit to play and learn. It is perfect for families to play together.

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